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La Contessa by Laura Haleman


The very first time I picked up a hammer and chisel I knew that this fascinating medium would become my career — my passion has never wavered.

La Contessa

Portuguese Marble

19"h x 13"w x 13"l

Price upon request

The Sculpture Workshop, Laura Haleman

Classes, conducted in a group setting, yield

personal and individual instruction along with

group critiques and discussions that supplement

learning the art and craft of sculpting. As

sculptural skills become more finely tuned,

this gradual evolution allows the artist to see

more and to create more.

New arrivals are quickly made to feel welcome

and easily assimilate into this energetic sculptural

community. You do not need to know how to draw

that straight line — all you need is the desire and

willingness to open yourself up to the experience of creative expression.
Laura’s guidance is what sets the stage for the artistic voice. Read more

About the Artist

Laura Rand Haleman, a

representational abstract stone

sculptor, has had wide acclaim

for her dynamic, innovative and

precisely carved stone sculptures.

Versatility is apparent in her ability

to create smooth, lyrical abstracts, hard-edged architectural carvings or voluptuous and often humorous figures. Laura, a native New Yorker, was educated at New York University (BSW Summa Cum Laude), Columbia University, and The New School for Social Research. She sculpted professionally with artist, Minoru Nizuma, at his New York City studio. Read more

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